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Do Dogs’ Ears Pop on Planes? Everything You Need to Know!


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If you’ve ever flown, you know how uncomfortable “airplane ear” can be. The plane’s rapid acceleration and deceleration are to blame for this phenomenon. Your ears may feel painful or stuffy when the air pressure in your environment doesn’t match the air pressure inside your ear. This discomfort is usually relieved when your ears finally pop. If your ears don’t pop on their own, you can try chewing gum or moving your jaw up and down.

If you’re about to travel with your dog, you might wonder if their ears can pop, too. The answer is “yes.” Learn more about ways to keep your dog comfortable while flying and how to prepare for traveling with your pet.


How Can I Keep My Dog Comfortable on a Plane?

Dogs can’t chew gum or knowingly move their jaw up and down to relieve ear pain. If your dog is in the cabin with you, you can give them a small treat to chew on at take-off and landing.

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Image Credit: Monika Wisniewska, Shutterstock

How Do You Prepare a Dog for a Flight?

Before you travel with your dog, ensure they are up to date on their shots. Address any symptoms or illness before your trip, no matter how minor. A sick dog is no fun on vacation. It can be expensive to seek medical care in an unfamiliar location.

Can I Give My Dog Benadryl for Flying?

You shouldn’t give your dog medication without checking with your vet first. Human medications have different concentrations than medications made for dogs. Your dog could have a severe or even fatal reaction to an over-the-counter drug formulated for humans.

Which Airline Is the Most Pet Friendly?

Airlines can and do change their pet regulations and fees all the time. You should check with your airline each time you fly to find out the current rules. It’s a good idea to compare multiple airlines before you buy your tickets.

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Can My Dog Fly in the Cabin with Me?

Smaller dogs that fit in a specific-sized carrier can come in the cabin with you. Most airlines require that your dog remains in their carrier for the flight duration. The carrier must fit under the seat in front of you, and the airline may charge you a pet fee.

Flying with a dog requires advanced preparation. Pets may only be allowed in specific rows.

The airline may also restrict how many pets can be on a flight.

Can I Buy My Dog a Seat on an Airplane?

Unfortunately, our research shows that commercial airlines rarely (if ever) allow dogs to have their own seats. Dogs allowed in the cabin must be in a carrier placed under the seat in front of you. Larger dogs must be crated and fly in cargo.

Service dogs are always allowed in the cabin on U.S. domestic flights.

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Final Thoughts

Yes, your dog’s ears can pop while flying on airplanes. While “airplane ear” causes discomfort for humans and pets, it usually goes away on its own. You make your dog more comfortable by giving them a small treat to chew on when you take off and land.

Airlines’ pet rules and regulations are constantly changing. Check with your airline before each flight. Service dogs are not considered pets and are subject to fewer regulations.

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