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Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator Review 2022: Pros, Cons, FAQ & Verdict


febreze odour eliminator review

Review Summary

Our Final Verdict

We give Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Scent: 4.0/5

Odor elimination: 4.0/5

Variety of use: 4.5/5

Price: 4.5/5


Febreze is a company that formulates products to eliminate odors while allowing you to breathe happily. Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator eliminates odors and leaves your home and fabrics smelling fresh. It is easy and safe to use on most fabrics and is ideal for fabrics that are hard to clean, like carpets and upholstery. It works with a fine mist to eliminate, and not just mask, stubborn pet smells.

You can use Febreze weekly to maintain a fresh and scented home or to give your fabrics a refresh. It is perfect for families who own pets and are perhaps conscious of the smells they leave behind, as well as for families who have family members who smoke. Febreze is safe to use around pets and children, and even pregnant women.


Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator – A Quick Look

  • Eliminates tough pet odors
  • Safe on most fabrics
  • Easy to use
  • Available in a variety of scents
  • Ideal for hard-to-clean fabrics


Bottle size: 27 ounces
Weight: 1.95 pounds
Product dimensions: 3.03” L x 5” W x 9.71” H
Scent: Variety of light and fresh scents
Used on: Carpets, upholstery, clothing, linen
Dispensary mechanism: Spray

Safety Information

Use only as directed. Do not spray directly into the eyes. If it comes in contact with your eyes, rinse them thoroughly with water. Febreze is safe to use around cats and dogs, but birds are uniquely sensitive, and spraying it around pet birds should be avoided.


Febreze is designed to be used safely around your family and pets, with high standards and carefully selected ingredients. Febreze is never made with anything that is unsafe or dangerous to use. The main ingredients used in Febreze are:

Water, Cyclodextrin, Alcohol, Dimethicone, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Citric Acid, Maleic Acid, Benzisothiazolinone, Fragrance, Diethylene Glycol, Polyamine Polymer.

A detailed breakdown of all the ingredients can be viewed on their website.

Disinfectant spray and deodorizer
Image Credit: Squirrel_photos, Pixabay

How To Use Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator

Turn on the Fabric Refresher nozzle and spray in a sweeping motion to lightly mist your fabrics until slightly damp before allowing to dry.

When To Use Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator

Febreze is a great addition to your usual cleaning routine and can be used once a week or more if you prefer.

Where To Use Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator?

Febreze is great for use on hard-to-wash fabrics and pretty much anywhere in your home like furniture, carpets, curtains, bedding, toys, bags, and cushions.

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Will this help with pet urine smells?

Febreze pet odor eliminator can remove pet-related smells such as the odor of a wet dog. However, it does not eliminate odors caused by a pet’s accident. It may assist with the lingering odor once it has been remedied.

What kind of odors does Febreze eliminate?

Febreze Fabric eliminates common smells, including smoke, cooking, bathroom, sports, pet, and carpet odors.

hand spraying the gray couch
Image Credit: y_seki, Shutterstock

Is Febreze safe on all fabrics?

While it is safe to use on most fabrics, do not use Febreze Fabric on leather, suede, silk, or fabrics that may water spot.

Are Febreze products safe to use around pets?

Febreze products are not intended for use on animals. Birds are especially sensitive to a variety of household products and environmental factors.


What the Users Say

Most users of Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator are happy customers. The general consensus is that it keeps your home smelling fresh, and it is great for getting smells out of the furniture. While the scent is a popular feature, some users feel it is too strong, and it seems to be a matter of preference and your sensitivity to smells. Some users claim that Febreze is effective for eliminating odors from pet accidents but mention that it shouldn’t be used as an alternative for house training.

Overall, Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator is praised by many, and the positive reviews far outweigh the negative reviews.



Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator is a great product to keep your home and fabrics smelling fresh. It can be used to eliminate odors or to refresh certain fabrics. It is available in various scents, is easy to use, and is safe to use around your pets. Most users are satisfied with the effectiveness of this product, while some feel it doesn’t work as well as they had hoped. The overall consensus is that Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator is a great product to have in the cupboard, especially if you have pets. And if are not into Febreze, you might want to consider a litter box deodorizer spray, such as this one by Hepper.

At Pet Keen, we’ve admired Hepper for many years and decided to take a controlling ownership interest so that we could benefit from the outstanding designs of this cool cat company!


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