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How To Keep Exotic Pets Calm Around Fireworks (6 Tips) 


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Fireworks can be a scary experience for most pets, including exotics who may show fear and stress-related behaviors during this time. The loud sound of fireworks followed by bright visuals has been known to invoke fear into our pets and have them hiding or resulting in destructive behaviors because they do not understand what is happening.

Whether you are planning to display fireworks near your house or want to keep your exotic pets calm around fireworks in the area on celebratory days, then these are some tips you should follow to keep your pet as calm as possible while fireworks are being displayed.


The 6 Tips to Keep Exotic Pets Calm Around Fireworks

1. Keep Them Inside

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If your exotic pet is kept outdoors, it is important to bring them inside right away. The fireworks will be much louder outside, and your pet might not have any secure place to seek shelter. By placing them in a secure cage or room indoors, your exotic pet will be kept away from most of the chaos fireworks can cause. Keep them in a secure place where the sound of the fireworks is the quietest. It is always a good idea to have an extra cage available for exotic pets that are kept outdoors so that there is a safe space to keep them during certain situations.

2. Keep Windows and Doors Closed

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Image Credit: MAKY_OREL, Pixabay

Closing windows and doors can help to drown out the sound of fireworks and by closing any open curtains and blinds you are blocking out the bright lights caused by fireworks that upset your pets. Both the auditory and visual aspects of fireworks can cause your pet to feel stressed and scared, which makes it important to muffle the sounds by closing open areas in the house that will let the sounds in. Placing a blanket partially over the cage your exotic pet is kept in will also help muffle the loud bangs from fireworks.

3. Make Their Environment Comfortable

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Image Credit: Photohobbiest, Shutterstock

Fireworks will be stressful enough for your exotic pet, so it is important to make sure that the environment around them does not add to their stress. If your pet burrows, make sure that they have plenty of substrate to make a comfortable nest in so that they can feel safer. Your exotic pet should have shelter such as a hideout in the cage so that they can hide and feel more secure. Your pet may feel more stressed if they are left exposed in their cage, as they will have no safe place to retreat to.

4. Use Calming Aids

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Image Credit: ALIAKSANDR PALCHEUSKI, Shutterstock

With the guidance of your pet’s veterinarian, you can discuss the different calming aids that you can use to calm your pet during fireworks. This can include supplements, or medications that you can give your pet to keep them calm. The type of calming aid that you provide your exotic pet will depend on their species and weight and a veterinarian will be able to help you find the right medication or supplement that you can give to your pet.

5. Play Background Sounds

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Image Credit: Spencer Selover, Pexels

If the environment that your exotic pet is in is completely silent, then the loud sounds from fireworks will be more disturbing to them. You can play background music or sounds that are calming to help drown out and muffle the sound of fireworks. This can include classical music and background sounds that you can play on a low volume to distract your pet. It will not be a good idea to place them in a noisy and busy environment while fireworks are happening as this can stress them out even more.

6. Offer Them Distractions

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Image Credit: Bilanol, Shutterstock

You can try and distract your exotic pet by offering them their favorite toys and treats to give them something to do while fireworks are happening. Some exotic pets may not be interested in their toys during fireworks because they are hiding from the sound of fireworks, but exotic pets such as birds and rodents can be distracted by toys and treats. This will help keep their mind busy and prevent them from focusing on the fireworks because they are distracted.



Keeping your exotic pet free from stress during fireworks is important, so make sure that the methods you use when keeping your pet calm do not add to their stress. It is important to keep your pet indoors during fireworks and close all open doors and windows to muffle the sound. You should make sure your exotic pet has a secure burrow or hideout to retreat to when they are scared or that they are distracted by background noise or their favorite toys and treats.

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